Consumer Reports Organic Mattresses Inc.

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Bottom line
Being an eco-conscious customer who wants the best mattress available you will surely choose Organic Mattresses Inc. (OMI). The mattresses they offer are made of sustainably sourced, all-natural materials that include the “cruelty free” Ecowool created and owned by a company, organic cotton (used either in threads or fabrics), and 100% natural rubber latex. Nevertheless, the line is limited and it is rather difficult to buy the mattress in the store where there is a great variety of its styles, including innerspring options. Although, reviews are rare, the ones that are presented on the Internet are positive.
A lot of functions and options. The bulk of Organic Mattresses Inc. models offered is made of eco-latex, and a few can be purchased according to the buyer’s toughness preference. This is one of the main features Sarah Bernard, New York Magazine tester, likes the most working with the OMI mattress. However, the production of that model is now stopped and the current “Duo” model suggested instead of the previously mentioned one enables customers to buy individual places within the mattress that gives you greater comfort and support. editors say latex mattresses reduce the pressure points and release pain, nevertheless, they may be uncomfortably warm. Although, a user says that with an OMI mattress you can sleep “like on a cloud.”

“Eco” costs serious green. Organic Mattresses Inc. models are not cheap, but the quality corresponds to the price. The value starts with $2.900 and finishes with $10.100 for a queen set. Each mattress is backed with an “industry-leading 20-year limited warranty”, but there is no instruction and detailed information offered. Still, considering the shoppers who prefer ‘green’ products, the price includes such factors as naturalness and sustainability of the product. And judging by those criteria OMI mattresses are unbeatable. All offered items are US handmade in a “cruelty-free, smoke-free and fragrance-free environment”, and they include only natural materials. Moreover, the mattresses aren’t processed with chemicals.
Latex will last. Every latex model offered by the company, like those in the Organic Mattresses Inc. line, serves you approximately 12 years compared to the average mattresses’ life span for nearly seven years. The most common endurance problem with latex models is the foam compress in a time. This issue shortens the comfort. Although, the OMI Terra model can boast an extra feature: the upper pillow top can be removed, so if you have noticed sagging, you can replace it rather than throw away the entire mattress.

Consumer Reports Comfortaire Mattress

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consumer reports comfortaire mattress

consumer reports comfortaire mattress

Bottom line

Air mattresses guarantee you purchase the firmness of your bed. Choosing among air-mattress lines only Comfortaire has excellent satisfaction ratings. Owners appreciate the body-contouring air cubicles that are good for reducing pain, and they rarely report cases of humping or sagging among the air chambers. Nevertheless, the line is subject to issues with air leaks or minor mechanical failures, but the last may be easily fixed.



Toughness is flexible. The striking 83% of the owners of Comfortaire mattress report their satisfaction about their purchase, and it is claimed in the analysis of approximately 200 owner reviews carried out by An electric air pump allows them to control firmness and partners can fix the toughness of their own bed side. This feature is included almost in all air-mattresses, but there often appears a hump or sag in the middle. Such a “middle problem” is rare for Comfortaire mattresses which makes lovemaking even more comfortable. presents the data that shows that a huge number of Comfortaire users claim this type of bed to be great for soothing pain.


Good quality – high price. Comfortaire mattresses are quite costly, starting at around $1.000 for a queen set and finishing with $7.000. However, owners never complain on the price matters. The one benefit Comfortaire has over its opponents is the service which is highly rated by users. Having a look at reviews you will find only a few customers who faced technical problems, but are still satisfied with the quick repair and the way the company handled it. On the other hand, Comfortaire’s warranty considers only the most common and ordinary cases. The coverage of the mattresses can serve for 25 years; it may be prorated during the first two or five years of usage depending on the model.

comfortaire mattress



Durable, but not trouble-free. As a rule, air mattresses serve longer if compared to other mattress types due to their ability to change worn out pieces. Still the cases of the parts breaking down are quite often. Still, approximately one in four owners of Comfortaire says the mattress has a mechanical problem after a while, the most common, according to, with leaking air bladders and faulty pumps. Another thing that makes air mattresses different from other types is the assembly necessity. Paying an extra fee, Comfortaire will offer a bed pre-assembled variant or assist with setup.

Consumer Reports Ikea Mattress

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ikea mattress

Keynote features

Latex mattresses by Ikea belong to those few popular latex models among mattress owners. They have a really impressive amount of positive feedback. It’s an attractive variant for all eco-friendly materials fans. With a rather long warranty period of 25 years and agreeable prices in comparison to popular named brands this model is a real top seller. Most owners consider Ikea’s latex mattresses to be comfortable, though the real life span of this model is less than 25 years due to its natural run-out.

Comfort reviews

In accordance with, Ikea’s latex line has the highest score for overall satisfaction and makes 80%. These models are claimed to be virtually silent, comfy, allowing you to move freely during sleep or lovemaking. In addition, according to Choice magazine review, more than 70% of owners find Ikea latex mattress ‘Sultan’ to be a great sleep improving option. Still in spite of all the compliments, some drawbacks are claimed as well. For instance, according to some reviews this model tends to retain body heat reducing the quality of sleep. In addition, some owners find these mattresses too firm, especially for people who are fond of sleeping on their side.

ikea mattress

Purchase Cost

The model is fairly priced and is considered to be a good deal due to numerous owners’ reviews. Queen sized Ikea latex mattresses costs about $1.000 or even less versus other competing offers that can reach several thousands. has investigated such a low price case and claims that acceptable price is set because less costly synthetic and dunlop-processed latex is used. More expensive latex models are made of talalay-processed and natural latex. Website editors also say that this less expensive latex is firmer and, therefore, it does not repeat all natural curves of people’s body. With a generously long warranty of 25 years Ikea guarantees product coverage, however, only latex core defects are covered and there is no specific sagging defects coverage.

Product Life Span

Ikea representatives say that time influences even the best mattresses. According to the manufacturer, latex mattresses can serve longer if they are turned, rotated or flipped regularly, namely every 3 months. Such a simple and reversible procedure can prolong your bedtime friend’s life span, however, it is recommended to replace mattresses every 8-10 years. does not provide the exact score for Ikea latex mattresses durability because of little reviews. Still, about 15% of owners reported compress problem as well as support and comfort reduction with time.

For more information visit Ikea mattress review site at

Tempur-Pedic Mattress Reviews Consumer Reports

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tempur pedic mattress reviews

At a Glance
For all demanding sleepyheads who prefer a smart mattress to a simple one, the memory-foam model Tempur-Pedic is highly recommended. The majority of Tempur-Pedic owners call this model top supportive and very comfortable. Some also state that this magic mattress improves sleep and reduces pains in the back. This brand has high scores both from customers’ feedback analyzers and sites of professional testing. Tempur-Pedic mattresses stand out among other memory-foam products due to their wonderful durability, though the price is a bit high.

Comfort index
The highest rate for comfortable sleep goes to Tempur-Pedic! According to thousands of reviews, this model greatly improves the quality of sleep thanks to movement isolation possibility and back pain reduction. Still there is always a fly in the ointment. reports that some owners (about 15%) say it’s rather hard to change the body position and move on the mattress that also influences sexual activity. Besides, there are also reports that claim that Tempur-Pedic mattress retains heat or even traps body heat. It makes sleep less comfortable and too warm. A little bit of chemical smell has been also noticed in a new product.

tempur pedic mattress reviews

To cut a long story short, it is costly. Even 100% satisfied owners of Tempur-Pedic confess they would buy this smart mattress over and over again but the only disadvantage is a high price. The cost was raised up to $7.500 for a huge queen-sized mattress and foundation and does not stop increasing. The adjustable foundation and mattress will cost you even more. The lowest price is ‘only’ $1.500.
This product comes with a 10-year warranty and full replacement coverage for your mattress and foundation. As for, this new time frame is a reduced version of the previous longer one of the 25-year term. So far it isn’t known why the warranty term has been reduced and if it has anything to do with the product durability.

The average claimed durability term for this memory-foam model is 10 years. Tempur-Pedic mattresses have shown the best scores at lab tests of durability. editors claim that owners tend to keep these mattresses for a decade which is a much longer period for memory foam products and other types of mattresses in general. Besides, according to the website’s research only 11% of owners confess that mattresses sag or soften after the first 4 years in comparison to unsatisfied 20% users of innersprings who find defects 4 years after the purchase.

Consumer Reports Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

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Overall Review
Looking for an ideal mattress to make your bedtime perfectly comfortable? According to numerous owners’ feedback the Simmons Beautyrest mattresses line is among top market leaders. Every spring mattress in the line provides unique motion isolation. It makes this product irreplaceable for active sleepers, who prefer to turn and toss a lot. The line is represented by a large variety of models with gel foam, latex and memory. In spite of a slight sagging defect claimed in some reviews, Beautyrest mattresses are very supportive providing a comfortable back position and relaxation.


Comfort Level
All models of this line are extremely convenient and have high comfort level when being new. Below you can find benefits and drawbacks of this mattress.

• has isolated fabric pocket for every inner spring
• minimizes pressure points
• provides excellent back support
• improves overall sleep quality
• reduces back pains to minimum
• drowns most bounciness during active sleep and sex

• can lose its pain-relieving ability as it tends to sag with time.

Simmons Beautyrest Mattress

Performance and Durability
A large number of owners who post reports at claim these mattresses have high durable performance. Even after 7 years of Simmons Beautyrest bed products usage they still provide good support. Cases of sagging are not reported for this term. Laboratory tests for innerspring mattresses also show high results and good scores for durability within the 8-year term. However, such impressive results for a common innerspring life span have some negative reviews as well. In accordance with website, every fourth owner reports that after 3 years of use the mattress loses its initial appearance and starts to sag.
According to our research most owners of Beautyrest products keep them for 6 years approximately, which is a common period for all innerspring mattresses.

Warranty and Value
This stylish mattress line is of high value. The price usually starts from $400 for single beds and goes up to over $5.000 for king-size beds. Most models of Simmons Beautyrest mattresses have a rather big warranty coverage which goes up to 25 years. As a rule, Beautyrest customers do not argue about the price they pay for the product, still they do have issues with the product warranty.

Only the first 10 years of warranty fall under general coverage. After 10 years some part of the obligations falls on the owner/customer. It means that the mattress owner shares possible repair costs. The remaining warranty period is still big that about 15% of mattress owners consider that such shared coverage is weak and lagging. Still, in most claimed cases the sagging defect is covered only with a dent of at least 3.8 centimeters deep.